I am thrilled and honoured to present the inaugural edition of the McMaster Brain Research Society Journal. This undertaking represents the collective efforts of undergraduate students at McMaster University who are passionate about neuroscience. Inside, you will find curated pieces that reflect various interests with a connection to brain research, including those concerning vision, neuropsychiatric disorders, and the impact of COVID-19. 

The journal is a celebration of student enthusiasm for brain research. It started out as nothing more than a simple idea suggested by our executive team last year, before the COVID-19 pandemic hit. We imagined an all-inclusive smorgasbord of reports, essays, and artistic pieces that embody diverse fascinations with the brain. It is with great satisfaction and pride that this first edition reflects that goal.

A deep appreciation goes out to everyone who made this work possible. Thank you to all of the members of our club, especially the journal contributors and editors. I hope that this 2020-21 issue of the journal serves as a foundation for many more to come, and that each year we celebrate our enthusiasm for neuroscience in new and exciting ways.

Paul Jung
MBRS Co-President 2020-21