We are a group of students studying at McMaster University who are passionate about brain research: neuroscience, cognitive psychology, and everything in between.

Our goal is to build a welcoming community for undergraduate students at McMaster University who are interested in collaborative learning regarding neuroscience research. We aim to inspire and nurture undergraduate neuroscience interest and offer opportunities to explore that interest through networking events and discussions. Additionally, we strive to support neuroscience-related research through active fundraising.

If you find yourself intrigued by brain research, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn for opportunities, events, and updates. For inquiries, visit our contact page.

McMaster University is located on the traditional territory shared between the Haudenosaunee confederacy and the Anishinabe nations, which was acknowledged in the Dish with One Spoon Wampum belt. That wampum uses the symbolism of a dish to represent the territory, and one spoon to represent that the people are to share the resources of the land and only take what they need.