Aaliyan Jabbar
Honours Life Sciences, Class of 2024, McMaster University

I walk along a path not seen by man, 
Converging on two roads, what path shall I take?
As a decision has already been made,
I follow the will of my brain. 

Every decision I make, 
A meaning, a purpose takes, 
Worry not for the mind is strong, 
And the heart knows no wrong. 

Sinister as it may be, my free will isn’t free,
Like the growth of a tree, 
I move knowing what has been calculated,
By an organ far greater than I anticipated. 

Crossing paths with your sharp blade,
It’s true what they’ve conveyed, 
Physical strength is fierce, 
But the mind can pierce. 

Brains over brawn, 
I feel like a pawn, 
Moving between the divine, 
These are choices I cannot define. 

Seen through the past and present, 
A day breaking sacrifice, very unpleasant,
We’ll enter two roads, 
The heart and the brain, which shall I compose?

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